Sunday, 30 December 2012

Farewell and Thank you 2012! ♥♥♥

Before I bid goodbye to my YEAR, I should say that 2012 was a bumpy, but indeed a joyful ride!

It started too-well like a roller coaster trip!… 
Has been too sluggish when it tried to thrive, slows down a bit when at the top, then miraculously boost to that “Nirvana Stadium” of my life. 

 I have been cheerful, contented, overwhelmed, sometimes crazy, most of the time slothful, hahaha! 

Been touched, ignored, has bumped into my most unkabogable mood, cried like the rain pouring freely when gets hurt (I’ve been hurt a lotta times), Smiled…(Also a lot, I mean…A LOT!) and FELL IN LOVE! for the first time and the last time….(♫ Tan-tan-ta-nan ♫)  

I’ve known people whom I will never forget, and some I will. …definitely, turned-off!….Some made my year fruitful, some made it  disappointing.

But, no regrets at all!… Every step of the way, every leap of the stairs, and every run (which most I had wounds because of falling many times) will never be a lament for me!..  Its been a wonderful year that was….. I FELL; I STOOD UP, I FORGIVE, I GAVE AWAY, I PRAY AND I LOVE!

And I would like to thank all the conscientious people who made my 2012, unforgettable. Kilala nyo na kung sino-sino kayo… A great cheer for all the immense people in my Life! Looking forward for more and more years! Love you all!

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